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Rehabilitation Counseling

Rehabilitation Counseling is a field centered on supporting individuals living with chronic illness and disability. Depending on the setting, it can include vocational rehabilitation or mental health counseling support with finding meaningful work, skill development, improving quality of life, and adjusting to disability. As a Certified Rehabilitation Counselor in private practice, I offer therapy for adjustment to chronic illness.


Counseling sessions can include talking about living with a chronic health condition and/or disability, management of health, struggles, successes, work-related or relationship concerns, hopes and dreams, and anything else relevant to you. The definition of a life well-lived and of optimal level of independence, inclusion, and wellness is different for every person; therapy can be a place to explore what each area means for you.

Skill Development

Work done in sessions can also include career counseling and skill development. Examples of topics clients may want to work on include: developing coping and relational skills; identifying career interests'; trouble-shooting hurdles that arise in the process of finding and maintaining work; or development of self-advocacy skills in the workplace.