Individual Counseling

People seek counseling for many reasons: life transition, loss, growth, anxiety, a deepened sense of meaning. Whatever your reason may be, my goal is to provide you with nonjudgmental and collaborative support that allows you to move toward a place of increased clarity and improved well-being. Therapy can be a tool to do so, as a confidential, safe, and compassionate place to reflect.

Counseling can be helpful when you feel unsure of how to proceed, are needing to be able to hear your own wisdom more clearly, or have a life challenge that feels like more than you are able to navigate on your own. In addition to talk therapy, sessions can include: work on self-care, mindfulness, use of integrative CBT, Nonviolent Communication, skill development, creativity, and relevant homework (e.g. reading, skills practice).

Issues I commonly work with:

- Anxiety
- Autoimmune Disease
- Body Image
- Burnout
- Career Exploration
- Chronic Illness
- Creativity
- Disability
- Depression
- Grief/loss
- Life Changes & Transitions
- Mindfulness

- Perfectionism
- Relationship Issues
- Self-Advocacy
- Self-Compassion
- Self-Esteem
- Shame & Self-Doubt
- Spirituality
- Stress
- Trauma
- Vision Loss
- Women's Well-Being